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"It'd Be BAD NEWS For Your Competition If You Were To Suddenly Double Your Customer Base, Wouldn't It?"
Your competition is not gonna like you getting involved with me..

As part of the Free 4-Week Challenge, your customer base will double using our Intelligent Email Marketing™ for your business. 

We cannot promise to EXACTLY double your customer base because there are many variables but....we've done it before and we'll do our absolute best for your biz too. 

But YOU MUST be able to handle at least 50-100 new clients as part of the Challenge. 

We are currently in the final phase of accepting new clients for the Free 4-Week Challenge so if the button below works, you still have time to join...
Who The Heck Are We?
My name's Conor Kelly. I'm the founder of the Marketing Muscle and I help businesses in the Toronto area to get more customers without spending money on ads. 

Currently, I have clients in fitness, chiropractic, real estate, and professional speaking. I also publish the Marketing Muscle Newsletter and have been in online marketing for 11 years.

I've been personally trained and certified by some of the world's top marketers, Perry Marshall, Ben Settle, and Jason Capital. 

My name's Conor Kelly and your competition's
not gonna like you getting involved with me 😂
How Do We Add 50-100 New Clients To Your Fitness Business?
We have a saying around here: 

"It's easier to catch fish in a barrel than it is to go fishing every day."

People enter your business every day, and then...they leave.

And you don't know when (or if) they'll come back.

You have to go fishing for new fish everyday, while still....
  • Staying on top your accounting
  • Keeping your studio clean for your trainees
  • Handling schedules and trainers
  • Dealing with employees
  • Continuing to develop your own skills
...and a TON of other tasks while still delivering the best experience possible to your clients. It's like a hamster wheel sometimes!

What if you didn't have to worry whether your customers, clients, patients would be coming back?

What if they brought new referrals with them each time?

What would that do for your revenue? Your bottom line? Your peace of mind?

That's what we're going to DO for you in the Free 4-Week Challenge.

This is NOT social media either. You will not spend any money on ads. We're going to use a powerful form of Email Marketing called "Intelligent Customer Emails".
How Does The Free 4-Week Challenge Work?
Here's how it works:

1) We jump on a quick, stress-free brainstorm call. The point of the call is for me to find out if your business is a good fit for what we do.

2) If it's a good fit, we get started right away. I handle everything for you: The tech, the marketing, everything. (You'll be able to see everything I'm doing too.) Your job is to give the new students a great experience and turn them into overjoyed customers.

3) If you LOVE the service and the results, we discuss working together long-term. I want you to see the results first before you invest in more.

And finally...

4) You MUST be ready to handle 50-100 new customers. 

Today is the last day to book your brainstorm call and join our Free 4-Week Challenge to double your customer base.
I can't wait to talk to you and watch your business take off!

Wishing you all the best.

Seize The Day,

Conor Kelly
Founder, The Marketing Muscle Agency
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